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If there is any music/album you really want to download, and you want us to upload it here for you to download, we’ll be gladly help you.

Use the below comment section to comment with the name of song/album and artist you want us to upload here as you request, then we’ll initiate the upload as soon as possible.

Also you can use this opportunity to notify us of upcoming SongsAlbums and Eps from your favourite artists days or weeks before the release date.

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906 thoughts on “Request Songs/Albums On FlexyOkay

  1. been asking for these for ages no reply and no updates wotz going on admin can you please upload them

    booterbee true stories
    geeyou idkyou
    swiftsb swiftorworma
    cityboymoe no ball games
    safone safdonedis too mixtape
    wrecker a cold road ep
    fee gonzales 2gr82h8
    please upload

  2. please can you upload these
    rimzee feed the streets
    booter bee true stories
    doroad no rhyme or reason
    fee gonzales 2gr82h8
    cityboymoe no ball games

  3. Pls upload Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
    And also All For Us (From the HBO original series “Euphoria”) by Labrinth ft. Zendaya

  4. admin can you please upload these
    marnz malone tinas boy mixtape
    burna bandz burna bridge
    doroad no rhyme or reason
    please upload them

  5. Please upload Mlindo the vocalist emakhaya album
    And PdotO under the sun album
    And two eps of yung swiss named bottom baby 1 and 2

  6. Please upload:
    1.Michael Speaks -No Equal
    2.Shinehead – Sidewalk university
    4.Nuttin Nyce
    5.Naughty By Nature
    7.Mint Condition
    8.Dave Holister
    9.Dead Press
    10.Rick Ashley
    Thank you.

  7. Not a request but a complaint, you guys had no business touching the sites ui/ux now almost all the links are broken. This site is like my favourite and this is sad to see. FIX UP

  8. Albums to Upload
    Pi’erre Bourne – The Life Of Pi’erre 5
    Baby Keem – Die For My Bitch
    Quality Control – Control the Streets Vol 2
    Ski Mask The Slump God – Stokeley
    Young Thug – So Much Fun
    Trippie Redd – Life’s a Trip
    Young Nudy – Slime Ball 2
    Mustard – Perfect Ten
    Denzel Curry – ZUU
    Tyler The Creator – IGOR
    Offset – Father Of 4
    Tame Impala – Currents

    Kanye West and Jay-Z -Watch the Throne
    Pi’erre Bourne – The Life Of Pi’erre 5
    Young Thug – So Much Fun
    Trippie Redd – Life’s A Trip & A Love Letter To You 3
    Quality Control – Control the streets vol 2
    Destroy Lonely – </3²

  10. Hi, a very big thank you to you guys at flexy and all the hardwork you’ve been doing on our behalf to bring us more music. I would like to humbly request that you post slat zy’s albums on this website. Thank you 😊.

  11. Admin I really appreciate your good work. I will want you guys to upload Urban renewal by various artists (Phil Collins)

  12. Do you have any of these albums to share?
    *Brian & Brenda-Supersonic Lover (1977)
    *Kagny & The Dirty Rats-Kagny & The Dirty Rats (1983)
    *Raze-Album 88 (1988)
    *Linda Evans-Happy Days (1979)
    *Linda Evans-Linda Evans (1984)

  13. Hey good job on what youbguysbare doing I really appreciate it!!! I’m 52 and into hip-hop and want to be able to get some older albums if possible. I like the artist Scarface catalog, Geto Boys catalog, Jay-Z catalog and Outkast catalog if possible. Hope I’m not asking for too much and any help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!!!

  14. Hi Flexyokay,

    Thank you for all you on here. Please I want to request for a beautiful nubia’s recent album “Helen of the good tidings”.


  15. Please 🙏🙏 upload more old-school R&B rap hip-hop albums brandy Monica Janifer Lopez swv Mase Lil Kim Lil bow wow nas etc please I have downloaded the ones here I need more I love old-school more than new school

  16. Jimmy Nevis :subliminal
    Jimmy Nevis :chimera
    Jimmy Nevis :the masses
    Jimmy Nevis :things we don’t talk about
    Basically all his albums. The best south African pop artist. He’s so underrated 😍😍😍😍

  17. Shingie-Lee – DARK PIT SARDINES – EP
    Shingie-Lee – Waves – EP
    Shingie-Lee – In Line – Freestyle
    Shingie-Lee – OGMA – EP

  18. Femdot – Not for sale
    Femdot – 94 Camry Music
    Femdot – Delacreme 2
    Verb T & Illinformed – The Land of the Foggy Skies
    Verb T & Illinformed – Stranded In foggy Times
    Verb T – The Tower Where The Phantom Lives
    Kofi Stone – Nobody Cares Till Everybody Does
    Madison McFerrin – I Hope You Can Forgive Me
    Raveena – Lucid
    Bakar – Nobody’s home
    Chuck Strangers – The Boys and Girls
    MIKE – Black soap
    MIKE – Renaissance Man
    MIKE – War in my pen
    MIKE – tears of joy
    MIKE – weight of the world
    MIKE – Disco!
    (All Albums) Thank you in advance

  19. Hi can you upload this songs
    Becky g my Man
    Becky g lovin so hard
    Becky g ni de ti ni de nadie
    Becky g play it again
    Becky g They ain’t ready
    Becky g shower
    Becky g built for this
    Becky g Becky from the block

  20. YO CLASSIC! bigs up to you & the level of work you’re putting out on this website. it’s clearly one of the best i have seen as a curator myself.
    please, i would like more albums by p-square, m.i abaga, young thug, wale, rick ross, lauryn hill, lucky dube, mac miller & g-eazy. please help me/us out. God bless your works sir!

  21. Admin it’s been weeks now, kindly make these available🙏🏾

    *”4am singing songs about you” album

    *”To all the people I loved” album

  22. Dear admin, kind post these albums buy Neo Nezer

    *”4am singing songs about you” album

    *”To all the people I loved” album

  23. Please I need Lauren daigle albums in zip and Tom Macdonald albums.
    Thank you for the good works thus far Flexyokay

  24. Col3trane- Lushlife(album)
    21 pilots – all albums(especially blurryface)
    James Blake – all albums
    Bryson tiller – Anniversary(album), serenity (album), true to self(album)
    HER- all albums
    Lewis capaldi- divinely uninspired to a hellish extent

  25. hi admin can you please upload Taylor swift sweeter than fiction and today was a fairytale (original version) thanks…

  26. Pls help me upload these albums by
    Tate McRae;
    – The One day LP
    – All The Things I Never Said
    – Too Young To Be Sad
    All by Tate McRae
    Thanks 😘😘

  27. Pls help me upload these albums by
    Tate McRae;
    – The One day LP
    – All The Things I Never Said
    – Too Young To Be Sad
    All by Tate McRae
    Thanks 😘😘

  28. smb street testimony mixtape
    little torment some more pain ep
    safone safdonedis too mixtape
    harrdluck blood sweat and tears album

  29. Hi I can’t seem to find Sheff G other albums so I wanna make a request so that I can get it

    (1) The unlucky luccy kid
    (2) One and Only
    (3)Just 4 yall E.p

  30. sweeter than fiction by Taylor swift
    Ronan 2012 version by Taylor swift
    today was a fairytale 2010 version by Taylor Swift
    Eyes open 2012 version by Taylor swift pls upload admin thanks.

  31. Plssss 🥺🥺🥺🥺
    Upload Hwang Min-hyun’s Album:
    “Truth Or Lie” (album)
    Hwang Min-hyun.

  32. Born sinner by jcole
    Good kid mad city by Kendrick Lamar
    Free black by 6lack
    Suneshine kitty by Tove lo

    I love your site, it’s convenient and i Would appreciate it if you guys can upload these albums

  33. Hi, me again.
    Thank u for uploading my last requests really grateful. Have new requests 😁
    Plss upload
    ‘Truth or Lie’ by
    Hwang Min-hyun.
    Thanks. 😘

  34. Hi, please can you upload Jimin of BTS new debut solo album ‘Face’.
    Face album by Jimin.
    Thank you. 😘😘

  35. Hey, plsss can make available these two albums by James Arthur;

    Back from the edge by James Arthur,
    James Arthur by James Arthur.
    Please can you add them.
    Thank you. 😘😘

  36. Hey, plss can u upload Ed Sheeran’s new single “Eyes Closed”
    Just dropped a few hours ago.
    Plssss hurry can’t wait. 🥺🥺😘
    Eyes Closed by Ed Sheeran.

  37. Hi could you add Harry Styles – fineline album &
    The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It album, thank you.

  38. Admin please could y’all re-upload the Gyalis remix by capella grey ft. Popcaan n’ Chris brown wit its original music artwork,,,,,,I don’t like the artwork there, pretty please🥹…Thanks!

  39. can u please upload
    mowgs not much to say ep
    rival revenge of the rivz mixtape
    lilmacks leaked 2
    rv incosuspicuous mixtape

  40. i see that my requests for at least one album was deleted. i previously requested sam wills breathe album, IT WAS DELETED! AND THE ALBUM WAS N O T UPLOADED. i even included a link to the album for reference just as i did with the anita baker request AND the coasters (both still not uploaded) meanwhile, i see other visitors requests are being uploaded. whos the admin? what am i doing wrong to be ignored constantly?

  41. Can’t you make use of the search option?
    If you should request for already uploaded albums or songs again, you’ll be blocked from dropping any more comment.

  42. every single time i have made a request on this site, i have been ignored. however people who make requests before and after my comments are always uploaded. what exactly am i doing wrong to unaminmously go unoticed?

  43. can you also upload the coasters essentials please


  44. hi could you please ulpload these
    duvy jane babies
    pengz cant make this shit up
    ghostface600 tugg melodies ape colours

  45. please can u upload duvy jane babies
    and duvy how did i end up here
    please been searching haven’t found nothing
    please upload

  46. Can u please upload these when tou can really apreciate if u can cah i cant find any links
    Meekz respect the come up mixtape
    Geeyou 3you mixtape
    Jordan crooks and queens mixtape
    T mulla a glass of wine ep
    7l trell havin my way ep

  47. please upload these
    Nino Uptown – UPTOWN SZN ep

  48. can u please ulpload TRAPX10 ‘PROJECT X10’ MIXTAPE and CB ‘A DRILLER’S PERSPECTIVE 2’ been asking for a min now but nothing has been uploaded yet

  49. Jessie reyez – kiddo
    Jessie reyez – being human in public
    Jessie reyez – my straight jackets custom made

  50. Jessie reyez – kiddo
    Jessie reyez – being human in public
    Jessie reyez – my straight jackets custom made

  51. elevation worship and ABBA { the visitors & Arrival }

    BTW your site has really being helpful keep up the good work

  52. maleek Berry – one life fit Wizkid
    maleek Berry – For My People” (featuring Sneakbo)
    maleek Berry – Gimmie Life

  53. Hi admin, some of your songs did not load the song cover image. Eg some songs under Wizkid category .etc

  54. @flexyokay at first I love your site but right now it’s zero star no offense
    Because you’re posting old song and new song in same category.
    Please you have to separate request songs and old song from new songs
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for this suggestion, but we have a separate category for old song from 1950 – 2017, while the main category contains songs for. 2018 to 2022. Also, we specified each albums and songs released date in their context.

      1. Dear ADMIN,

        I have requested for Davido – Baddest album (2015) for over weeks now. please make it available

        1. Davido doesn’t have an album titled “Baddest”, he only has 3 albums (A better Time, A Good Time and Omo Bab Olowo: The Genesis) and 1 Ep (Son of mercy)